Thursday, November 20, 2008

Amazing Rock art

I don't think you will believe me too, below click "More Here..." have some videos it shows how the guy do it. Really amazing.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

15-odd species of part 2

8, Coarse flour ape divided into rough Guyana ape and the ape rough surface, this looks strange animals living in Brazil, French Guiana and Venezuela and other countries. Coarse flour in order to ape the major fruits, nuts and insects for food.

9, Tapir is a large herbivores, there is a bit like an elongated nose of the pig's long nose, but chin's very short. Tapir mainly living in South America and Central America, Southeast Asia is also distributed.

10, star nose mole living in the United States and Canada in the northern region, they live in the humid lowland areas to small insects in the soil for food. Star nose mole good at swimming and digging, but their magical star-shaped nose can reach 15-20 cm when they grow up.

11, Ai Ai lemur living in Madagascar is a strange animal, has long sharp teeth and long claws of the toe, which means a particularly sharp, you can open drilling wood. Lemurs mate for the use of trees found on the middle finger to find the insect as food, lemurs mate is the only kind of family.

12, Whale stork, its huge bird beak looks like a whale's head, average of 1.2 meters high and 5.6 kg weight, to reach a wingspan of 2.33 meters, the adult birds for feathers Gray, brown feathers and chicks. Stork live in the East African countries such as Sudan and Zambia.

13, The salamander is a amphibians. Because it has not gone through the larval development of abnormal, so when the adult is still retained the aquatic and gills with features. Salamander living in Mexico City under the lakes, they have a high scientific value because they can renewable sources of most of the body.

14, Drop fish living in Australia and Tasmania island in the vicinity of the deep sea, very few people can see them. It live in water where the water pressure is almost 10 times the sea level.

15, snow crab is discovered from scientists in 2005 at Antarctic waters, the crustacean body length of about 15 cm, full of species covered by long hair. Snow crab living in the South Pacific Shui Mianxia 2200 meters, it has degraded the eyes, eyes sight almost completely lost.

Info and pictures from HK chinese forum Lalalu

15-odd species of part 1

1. Ye Hailong name from the ancient Chinese fairy tale, which looks like a piece of floating algae in the water, Ye Hailong can be a green, orange, the color, and so on, it leaves the body like limbs attached to cover most of its camouflage Strong. It is only a small swing in the fin or two to turn the independence movement in the eyes when exposed whereabouts.

2, Malay Bear mainly live in tropical rain forests of Southeast Asia. Malay bear standing about 1.2 meters high, the Bear is the type of family head in the shortest, often because the body has been called a small dog Bear. Malay bears an average weight 65 kg, and an approximately 5 centimeters short of the tail. The male body in general than the large female. And other different types of bears, sun bears the fur short, slippery.

3, Mongolia female dog body can be 69 cm long, male dogs can be kept at least the length can reach 71 centimeters, most of them more than 76 cm, the dogs belong to the larger species. Although the dog may look a little bulky and Mongolia, but in reality this is a very smart large dogs. Mongolian dogs can be long and winding each other with coarse white hair like a certain black braids or mop. The puppies hair is very soft and fluffy, but grew up with age, more and more hair volume, until the clusters into clusters of the future, they are very rarely off. The dogs can be kept to Mao is white, but if we do not always wash, then it will become beige.

4, Angola is the rabbit artificial domestication of the rabbit in a category, there is some exaggeration of the long soft hair long. Angola rabbit originating in Ankara in Turkey, Angola and cats, goats Angola as well-known in 18th century France to become the royal family pet, and a century all over Europe.

5, Lesser panda is a rare mammal herbivory, body slightly larger than domestic cats, reaching about 55 cm. It has a long and, like the giant panda back to the paw, but also by the wrist bones elongate into the development of pseudo-thumb. The soles of the feet of the lesser panda has long thick hair, can be used to ward off the cold sweat and hide.

6, Sloth living in Central and South America is of medium-sized mammals, belonging to the sub-lingual Vermicular .It's not choosy food animals, they will eat insects, small lizards and carrion, but main food is still staple of leaves and buds.

7, The emperor tamarins, its name from the beard looks like an emperor of Germany. Emperor tamarins live in the south-western Amazon basin in Peru, Bolivia and other countries have distribution.

Info and pictures from HK chinese forum Lalalu